OTISS is being constantly improved to meet the requirements and suggestions made by our customers.

October 2018 – Markup photos on-site

You can markup a photo with some coloured lines and arrows to help clarify your recommendations for the work needed, or to point out some feature or defect that is mentioned in the survey notes. Read More…

October 2018 – Improved Client Management

Introducing an improved set of features to manage your growing list of clients. Read More…

October 2018 – QTRA – Quantified Tree Risk Assessment Method

TreeSafety risk assessment methodologies now include QTRA. Read More…

October 2018 – BS 5837 for veteran trees.

Following the ‘New Standing Advice: Ancient Woodland and Veteran Trees‘ (Nov 2017) from Natural England and the Forestry Commission, we now calculate the RPA of a ‘veteran’ tree as 15 times the stem diameter – instead of 12 times for other trees.

August 2018 – Lots of minor enhancements.

Over the summer we have made lots of minor fixes and enhancements suggested by our users.

January 2018 – Photos in Reports

There are now Survey and Recommendation reports that include thumbnail photos for each tree/item. Read More…

January 2018 – Client Templates

For Arboricultural Consultants working with many clients, you can create one or more clients and use them as survey ‘templates’ for future actual clients. Read More…

November 2017 – More CAD support

Many architects provide drawings in milli-metre units, these can now be directly imported into OTISS. Read More…

October 2017 – Survey app enhancements

The Survey apps and website have been improved with some enhancements suggested by our users.  Read More…

August 2017 – Export BS5837 data to KeyTREE

OTISS is an excellant data collection system that can be used with KeyTREE for preparing your CAD drawings.  Read More…

July 2017 – History of a tree/item

A new webpage provides you with a complete audit trial and maintenance history for each tree/item. A complete history of all the inspections, photos and reports for each tree/item.  Read More…

July 2017 – Download Offline Maps

For survey areas with poor 4G/3G mobile signal, it is now easier to pre-load the maps before you leave your home/office.  Read More…

May 2017 – Take Photos as part of the Survey

You can store photos and other documents with each tree or item. A good photo may reduce the need to provide a detailed description, and so speed up the survey process.  Read More…

March 2017 – Australia and New Zealand

OTISS users in Australia and New Zealand now have a list of native trees species. We also support GDA/MGA and NZTM2000 map reference systems. Read more…

March 2017 – Various Updates

Our latest release of the website and survey apps contains a lots of small enhancements and bugfixes. Read about the main ones…

February 2017 – Our new website has gone live!

We have updated the layout and format of the sales and support websites. They are now much easier to use on tablets and phones. We hope that the simpler menus, better layout and search features of the support website will help our users to quickly find what they need.

October 2016 – CAD Drawings – DWG and DXF

CAD drawings (in DWG and DXF formats) can be loaded directly into OTISS to use as your site/topo plan. Read all about our CAD support.

October 2016 – Geo-reference your PDFs and site plans

You can tell OTISS the grid references for your PDF site plans and use them with GPS and aerial views.  Read more about geo-referencing.

July 2016 – Google Aerial Maps

Google Roads map, Google Aerial map and Open Street Maps are now available on the OTISS website and all the Android™ survey apps.

July 2016 – More survey customisation features

Our survey forms are now much more configurable; names, picklist, mandatory, range checks… Read more about the new survey customisation features.

January 2016 – Using OTISS and GIS

Many of our customers have to deal directly or indirectly with Geographic information system (GIS) systems. Read more about the GIS features and formats.

October 2015  – Improved Survey apps

We recently improved all our Android Survey apps with a range of new features to make your surveying easier. Tool Bar, List View, more Settings – read more…

March 2015  – New TreeSafety features

New Tree Safety features have appeared on the OTISS website and survey apps. Tree Species, tag numbers, Risk Zones – read more…

March 2015 – New BS5837 Features

New features for BS5837 surveys include Estate Tree Species, Crown Radius and RPA on maps, tag numbers. Read more…

September 2014 – Excel Template Reports

A powerful system to provide you with a range of Excel reports with data tables and summary charts.  Read more about our Excel Template Reports.

August 2014 – Tree Risk Assessment

OTISS now supports various tree safety risk assessment methodologies (e.g. ISA, Matheny and Clark 1994, THREATS ). Read more…

March 2014 Printing Maps

Two new features have been added on the Maps page.  Icon sizes and Printing Maps.

March 2014 Support for Excel 2013

We have added a set of reports using the Excel XLSX format (in addition to the existing XLS format). These allow for better integration with Microsoft Office 2013 which expects all Excel documents to be in the XLSX format. Support for Excel 2013