Excel Template Reports

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TreeSafety excel chart 4OTISS provides a powerful system to provide you with a range of Excel reports with data tables and summary charts.

Pre-defined reports

  • Select and download a pre-defined report: Complete, Basic or Raw data.
  • Use Excel to adjust style and colours, remove un-wanted columns, etc.
  • Use Excel to create charts from the summary tables.

Template driven reports

  • OTISS provides an Excel template with example tables for you to customise.

    TreeSafety excel 1

  • Use Excel to edit the template. Customise the fonts, colours, styles, column widths, border, formatting, etc. Re-arrange the columns and delete the ones you don’t need.
  • Add new columns and formulas to get exactly what you want.TreeSafety excel 6
  • Select the summary tables to provide some key statistics: e.g. condition, species, etc.
  • Upload your prepared template to OTISS and the spreadsheet is immediately returned to you with the requested data.

This feature is available on all survey modules – TreeSafety, BS5837, Estate Management, etc.

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