All Android phones, tablets and GPS data collection devices provide features that can be used with the OTISS Survey apps.

Andoid Settings

  • Screen Brightness. Usually as bright as possible when used outdoors in suuny weather.
  • Set the the Location/GPS to High accuracy.
  • Many users disable the Auto Screen Rotate feature when using OTISS.
  • Voice input for all text fields. You need to enable the “Google Voice Typing” feature and then you should see a microphone icon on your keyboard.

Samsung Numeric Keyboard

On many Samsung phones/tablets the default Numeric Keypad does not have a minus sign or a comma. This means you cannot enter a minus number. Samsung have refused to change it!

One solution is to install the “Google GBoard” app from the Google Play Store and set this as the default keyboard.

OTISS survey applications provide more configuration.

  • On the Settings page, the font size can be changed to suit the make/model of phone of tablet that you are using.
  • On the Settings page, the map icon size, map labels, map tool icon size, can be changed as required.
  • On the Settings page, the format of the grid references can be selected

OTISS Website configuration

  • The survey forms include sets of user defined fields that can be customised (or omitted) to suit your requirments. All these forms and fields are configured on the OTISS website and automatically downloaded when you sync the surveys to your mobile phone or tablet. Currently, there is no means to configure these on the mobile apps.