Over a period of years, a history of inspections is built up for each tree and furniture item on the estate. This provides you with a ‘duty of care’ audit trial and maintenance history, i.e. a complete history of all inspections, photos and reports for each tree/item.

Trees and items are plotted and inspected as part of an OTISS survey. When the same site is due of re-surveying (e.g. every year or every few years), then the old survey must be set to Closed, as a new Survey created so that we don’t overwrite any of the previous data.

Viewing the history

On the Map Popup dialog and the Edit dialog for each tree/item, there is a History button which will take you to the History page.

History Page

The History page for trees and furniture items consists of 3 parts. It is a combination of the Spreadsheet Page and the Photos page, but restricted to just a single tree or item.

  1. A Site & Reference Search bar.
  2. A table shows all the inspections that were carried out in this tree/item.
  3. Below the table is all the stored photos and documents.

Searching for an item

The search section at the top of the page allows you to enter a Site and Reference, then press the Search button to find the required item. If you select ‘All Sites’, you can search the entire estate for a particular reference.

Note: If a tree/item has changed its Reference value over time (it does happen!), then you need to search for the most recent value – not the older ones.


A small table shows all the inspections that have been recorded for the selected item. The sorting, filtering and editing features available on this table are the same as those provided in the Spreadsheet Pages – more…

Double click on a row to view the details of the inspection, recommendations and work done as part of each survey.


Below the table are all the photos for this item. The editing, upload, download and category features available on these photos are the same as those provided in the Photos Page – more…


The Reports button (at the top of the table of inspections) provides some example Excel reports (e.g. TreeSafety History Report). Or you can customise your own history reports with our Excel Report Templates.