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Pear Technology Acquires OTISS (Intrinsica Technology)

I am excited to announce that Pear Technology has today completed the acquisition of Intrinsica Technology Ltd (OTISS).

Pear Technology are suppliers of mapping and GIS software and services, serving the arboricultural sector, rural land and property sector and local authorities since 1995.

Our acquisition of OTISS is a winning combination, enabling Pear to broaden the range of services we offer to arboricultural professionals whilst also bringing in our expertise in mapping and established partnership with Ordnance Survey.  We also look forward to building on the excellent technology behind OTISS and enhancing the services we offer to our current customer base.

We know how important OTISS is for your business which is why we are committed to ensuring that there will be a smooth transition process.  Paul Moran, as I’m sure you’re aware, plays a pivotal role in operating OTISS.  He will remain very closely involved for some time to come, working with the team at Pear.

Paul Moran:

“I have been so pleased in recent years, to see how OTISS has been growing! Lots of new customers, and now over one million tree inspections!

Early in 2023, I decided that I needed a bigger team to support this growth and continue developing OTISS. The choice was between growing our own team or partnering with an established company.

I selected Pear Technology as the best match for OTISS. Initial discussions quickly turned into enthusiastic integration and planning sessions, where we all could see immediate and long term advantages for both companies.

I am very pleased that OTISS is now part of Pear Technology. But even more pleased that I am now part of an experienced team that can grow and support OTISS for many years to come. I look forward to developing OTISS further for my existing customers and being able to establish OTISS in new areas.”

In terms of operation, you will see no changes to your OTISS services or login details.   Please continue to use the same details as usual to contact us for support and pay for subscription renewals.  We will of course notify you ahead of any changes being implemented.

The team at Pear and I look forward to working with you and ensuring we build on the success of OTISS.  If you have any questions about this announcement then please do not hesitate to contact me.

Mark Lloyd

Managing Director

Pear Technology Services Ltd

Paul Moran with members of the Pear team (L-R Mark Lloyd, Paul Moran, Megan Stevens, Jonathan Smith)