I am excited to announce that Pear Technology has completed the acquisition of OTISS.

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OTISS is a web-based and mobile system for surveying trees and outdoor assets. It is built around the use of Android phones, tablets and GPS devices which sync the maps, photos and survey data with the secure OTISS website. The website is used to review and manage the survey data, and to create maps and reports.

This video provides an overview of how Arboricultural Consultants would use OTISS to carry out a TreeSafety or BS5837 survey. Setting up the client survey; on-site surveying; checking the data; and producing some reports. There is no voice-over – just subtitles.

OTISS is web-based and mobile

  • On-site data collection using Android phone, tablet or GPS/GNSS device.
  • Customised survey forms.
  • Website for managing surveys, photos and data.
  • Tailored reports with charts and tables.
  • Easy and intuitive to use.
  • Online collaboration with staff and colleagues.
Take Photos as part of the Survey.
Good photos reduce the need for detailed descriptions, and speed up the survey process. Markup the photos with coloured lines and arrows.

The photos are considered to be an integral part of the survey and are sync’ed to the OTISS website along with the other survey data.
Maps & Drawings
Plot directly onto site plans, CAD drawings, estate maps, Ordnance Survey Mastermap, PDFs, geo-referenced maps, OpenStreetMap, Google Street and Aerial Maps.
OTISS does not force you to use a particular report format. Instead we provide a set of customisable charts and data tables (PDF and Excel), maps and CAD; for you to encorporate into reports and work schedules.
Android but not iPhone
The OTISS survey apps run on all Android phones, tablets and GPS devices. You can also use an Android tablet linked via your iPhone for on-site surveying.
Arboricultural Consultants
The Arboricultural Consultants’ job of surveying trees and preparing reports is made more efficient and cost effective. OTISS enhances the range of services you can provide to your clients.
Estate Managers
As a landowner or estate manager, you have a legal responsibility to maintain the safety of the trees on your property. Effective estate management requires up-to-date tree safety and asset information.
National Trails & Footpaths
Effective trail management requires up-to-date path and infrastructure information. Achieve more with your staff and volunteers to complete annual end-to-end surveys.