OTISS is an online, secure website based on a geospatial information systems (GIS) database. The website works with all modern web browsers and is accessible via your internet, broadband and 3G/4G connection. Data held on OTISS is fully and securely backed up on our servers.

There are many advantages to this approach.

  1. Teamwork within your organisation
  2. Working with consultants and contractors
  3. Let us do the IT!

1. Teamwork within your organisation

Estate management is often a team effort. Depending on the nature of your organisation, the team could include; facilities manager, administration, groundsmen, caretakers, supervisors; and possibly senior management, head teachers, governors, trustees, etc.

  • PC based applications are not good for sharing data.
  • Many ‘multi-user’ applications typically only work on certain configured or licensed PCs. It can become a real hassle when you  ‘just need to check something‘ but are away from your desk.
  • The spreadsheets and reports you circulate will quickly become out of date.

Web-based systems are recognised as the most effective means of delivering a multi-site, multi-user solution.

  • OTISS allows authorised users to have access to your maps, data and photos. You decide what level of access is given to each user.
  • Use from any PC, MAC, laptop, tablet or phone that has a web browser.
  • All users have instant access to the data they are authorised to see – and its always up-to-date!

2. Working with consultants and contractors

Most organisations work with outside consultants and contractors – either on a project by project basis or as a longer term partnership. Effective co-operation depends on good communication and sharing of data.

  • The maps, spreadsheets and work sheets you circulate will quickly become out of date.
  • Over the years, you have used different consultants and contractors, and they have supplied variously formatted results and reports. How do you get a consistent set of data to guide your estate management?
  • How do you get the photos and data they collect into your system and under your control? Yes, it can be done – but is it good enough?

Internet web-based solutions are ideal for working with partners.

  • Under your control, other OTISS users can be given access to all or part of your estate. You can provide access on a per-site basis: either for view-only, for update or for re-inspections.
  • You don’t need to provide printed maps and records – its all online for authorised users to see.
  • Your agents and contractors can directly create/update inspection, add photos and work records. You (and they) don’t waste time on unnecessary data entry.
  • Share other documents and reports via OTISS online storage.

3. Our Security

We keep your data secure, so that it can only be seen and used by you and your clients.

  • OTISS is a cloud based system hosted on our own servers that are located in a professional UK Data Centre. The data centre is physically secure and has backup power, backup servers, etc if they are ever needed.
  • Our servers are regularly updated with all security updates, and they have firewalls, anti-virus, anti-intrusion systems that are kept up to date.
  • Daily backups are taken of the GIS database and stored offsite. All maps, data files and photos have off-site backup.
  • Each OTISS account has a separate username/email and password.
  • The HTTPS secure protocol is used for communications and data transfers to/from your PCs and mobile devices.

4. Let us do the IT!

With an internet based solution, you focus on with the job of managing your estate.

  • There is no need to install and maintain expensive software on your PCs or servers.
  • There are no upgrades for you to carry out. A real hassle with some multi-user applications.
  • You are not relying on a single PC where all the data is stored.
  • There are no licence keys or CDs to keep safe.
  • There are no data backups to do.