We offer new customers a free, 30 day trial so that they can properly evaluate the OTISS service and features.

About the free trial:

  • This is an online service, there is no software to install or maintain on your PCs.
  • After you register, login to the OTISS website and use the mobile survey apps for on-site data collection.
  • All the OTISS features are available, but you are limited on the number of trees or assets that you can create.
  • We will automatically create some sample sites and surveys for you to use. But you can also create your own.
  • Please email and contact us if you have any questions. We’re here to help you discover how OTISS can be become part of your organisation.
  • Remember that all pages on the website and mobile survey apps have a Help button or a ‘?’ icon.
  • Registering for the Free Trial means that you have accepted our Terms of Use and our Privacy Notice.

Click one of the buttons below to register for the free trial.

Aboricultural ConsultantsAboricultural Students
Free TrialFree Trial
Register as an Arboricultural Consultant in order to survey and manage trees for multiple clients.Register as an Arboricultural Student for a free 1 year subscription to help complete your studies.
View CostsStudents & Colleges
Estate ManagersNational Trails
or Public Footpaths
Free TrialFree Trial
Register as an Estate Manager if you own, occupy or are responsible for land with trees and outdoor assets. For example: estate, farms, parks, golf courses, district councils, parish councils, etc.Register as an Estate Manager if you manage a National Trail or a network of footpaths.
View CostsView Costs

After the free trial:

  • You must pay an annual subscription for continued use of the system. Simply go to the ‘Costs’ page above and press the appropriate BuyNow button.
  • Any sites or surveys that you started as part of the free trial will be retained so that you can continue working on them.