Over the past few months you will have noticed a few new features have appeared on the OTISS website and survey apps.
Tree Species 1

  • For each estate, you can now build up a list of Estate Tree Species to augment the OTISS standard set of several hundred Common Tree Species. On the survey forms, the two sets are presented as a single list of species. Use the Estate-> Tree Species website page to configure the species list. New species can also be added when using the OTISS survey apps. Read more about Estate Species…


  • When adding a new tree, the tag/reference field is automatically filled in with the next tag number. It simply adds 1 to the reference number of the previous tree that was added/edited (e.g. T042 -> T043). If it is not what you want, simply change it as required. The survey form also checks if the reference is already in use on the same site.


map risk zones example1

  •  Estate Owners can draw boundaries for their Risk Zones. These can be coloured to show the risk category and required re-inspection period. Risk Zones are a vital part of the Tree Safety Policy for the estate. Read more about Tree Safety Risk Zones…



These new features are all included as part of your current subscription and the demonstrate our intention to continually improve OTISS to meet your requirements and suggestions.