More survey customisation features

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We recently improved the OTISS website and all our Android Survey apps to give you more control over the survey forms. These are included on our BS5837 Survey, Tree Survey and Path Survey apps.

You can now customise most of the fields on the survey form via the Customise Survey button on the TreeSafety/BS5837/Furniture spreadsheet page.

For each field in the survey form:-BS5837 customise2

  • The field’s name can be changed. A shorter name is suitable for columns in tables and spreadsheets, whereas a more informative name can be used on the survey forms.
  • A picklist of common values will speed up data entry on the mobile devices. This can be ‘suggestion’ list where you pick an item from the list but can also entry a value manually; or you can tick the “Value must be one of the list below” box, which means that you can only select from the list (i.e. manual entry is not allowed). It may be worthwhile adding ‘not applicable’ or ‘not recorded’ to the picklist for when an actual/sensible value is not appropriate.
  • Set some fields as mandatory so that you do not forget to provide a value when filling out the survey form.
  • Hide any unwanted fields to make the survey forms shorter and uncluttered.
  • You can configure minimum and maximum values for the numeric fields.

With the Survey Templates button, you can copy a survey that you setup for a different client. Use that as a starting point and then modify it further as required for this client.

For more information on the survey fields and what they do press the following links; BS5837 Surveys, TreeSafety Surveys, Asset/Furniture Surveys.

After changing the survey form on the OTISS website, the next Sync Survey operation on the Android app will bring the new survey form down to your mobile data collection device.