Tree Valuation Methods

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As an optional extra, you could also carry out a CAVAT or TEMPO valuation on the trees that you survey. The tree valuation sub-forms are simply part of a TreeSafety, Risk Assessment survey or BS5837 survey; or can be used to carry out tree stock valuation on an estate. As you fill in the valuation factors, the forms automatically calculate a resulting monetary value (£) or merit score.

Tree Valuation is an extra option which can be purchased alongside your current subscription. See the What does it cost? webpage for details. Existing users should contact sales if they would like a 30day free trial of this new feature.


Capital Asset Valuation of Amenity Trees developed by Chris Neilan and the LTOA.

CAVAT provides a method for managing trees as public assets rather than liabilities. It is designed not only to be a strategic tool and aid to decision-making in relation to the tree stock as a whole, but also to be applicable to individual cases, where the value of a single tree needs to be expressed in monetary terms.

OTISS supports both the CAVAT Full and Quick methods. Read more…


Tree Evaluation Method for Preservation Orders developed by Julian Forbes-Laird.

TEMPO is used as “A systematised assessment tool for TPO suitability.” and is intended for use in the preparation of Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) for local authorities in the UK. It was developed by Julian Forbes-Laird to assess what attributes a tree should have in order to merit statutory protection by TPO. Read more…


We are currently investigating whether the Helliwell valuation methods can also be included in OTISS…

The Helliwell System was devised by R Helliwell as a means of achieving logical descisions in planning and management of woodlands and urban tree populations. The methodology can be applied to individual trees and to woodlands. In each case the trees’s attributes are ranked on a set of scales and allocated points accordingly. The calculated points can then be converted to a monetary value.