TreeSurvey app 1.5

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Tree Survey Android™ app V1.5 has been released.

Tree Survey software on Android
Asset and Park Furniture Survey software on Android
This application is part of the OTISS survey system, and is used by Landowners and Arboricultural Consultants to carry out tree safety surveys on their estates. This app is used for on-site data collection, which is then sync’ed back to the OTISS website for further processing, analysis and report generation.

  • The TreeSafety survey forms can be customised on the OTISS website  – with more customisation planned in future releases.
  • User defined fields that can be customised (or omitted) to suit your requirments.
  • User defined picklists of standard items for the Description, Survey Notes and the Recommendations fields.
  • These fields are configured on the OTISS website and downloaded when you sync the surveys to your mobile phone or tablet.