TreeSurvey app 1.3.4

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TreeSurvey Android application 1.3.4 has been released.

  • Customer supplied options for Survey Notes and Recommendation. Add your own commonly used options by editing the text files in the TreeSurvey folder on the device’s SD card. These options are then presented as drop down options when filling out the inspection form. You can used these drop down lists to quickly up a
    list of survey notes and recommendations.
  • You can now select how to view and select tree species by common or botanical name. Press menu when on the Species selection form.
  • On the map form, the menu button allows you to turn MoveMode on/off . When MoveMode is turned on, you can drag trees to their new positions. When MoveMode is off, the tree positions are locked to prevent accidental movement when you are moving around the map.
  • Bug fix: There was a bug whereby the species information was lost when the device changed its orientation between landscape and protrait mode. This has now been fixed.