The Reports button (that appears above the survey spreadsheets) provides a drop down menu to select various ways of reporting or exporting the data in PDF, Excel, GIS and CAD formats.

  • OTISS provides a powerful system to provide you with a range of Excel reports with data tables and summary charts. This feature is available on all survey modules – TreeSafety, BS5837, Estate Management, etc.
  • High quality maps and printouts can be prepared using your own CAD application to combine your existing maps and site plans with the DXF files provided by OTISS. Read CAD/DXF for trees and assets  or CAD/DXF for BS5837.
  • For GIS users, we can also provide your data in GIS standard formats.
  • Some old format Excel (XLS) reports may also available. We recommend you use the new Microsoft XLSX format in preference to this older format.